Gallery Two

Blue Boat at Blue Rocks, Nova Scotia'...11 X 15 inches...Sold...

My favorite way to paint is on location. The energy of surround sound, sight and smell, propells you, in short order, to record your firsthand experience.

Hope (Out of the Darkness comes the Light)...11 X 15 inches...Sold...

"Some day perhaps the inner light will shine forth from us, and then we shall need no other light" -Goethe

After September 11th, I needed to express the shock that hit us all and I found "Hope".

Hope Two...11 X 15 inches...Sold...

"It is not handling of paint but handling of thoughts which overwhelmed me." -Emily Carr

Tulips bring color back into our northern lives each spring thus renewing our hope.

May Flowers of Your Being Bloom...11 X 15 inches...Sold...

This spontaneous painting, judged 1st in both floral and watercolor divisions by Tom Forrestall, was awarded BEST IN SHOW at the 2003 Lawrencetown Exhibition Art Show. No drawing, no preconceived notion, just a feeling of flowers and lots of water and paint.

"Let life ripen and then fall: force is not the way at all".....

Knowing flowerness took years...This painting only minutes. Letting the pure love of flowers flow onto the paper was the key.

Posing...11 X 15 inches...Sold...

"Life in the heart comes when consciousness is centered in feeling"..... -H.Khan (Sufi)

Kayaking past this comfortably perched fellow each morning made me giggle. I still smile when I look at this painting.

Sold..Yellow Legs...11 X 15 inches.

These "Little Green Herons" are difficult to spot as they are naturally shy. I saw this one enjoying the sun while I was kayaking early one morning along the mangroves in Florida.

My paintings are on display in several seasonal venues in the spring summer and autumn. Send me an email if you would like to know where because it varies each year. My email is:

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