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(Sold or in the collection of the artist)

"Owl with Artist"...12 by 15 inches.(Watercolour)

"Rather abide at the center of your being, for the more you leave it, the less you learn."

"Alpha and Omega"...18 X 24 inches.(Watercolour and dyes)

She whom life fulfills is as though she remains a child. She doesn't think about her actions. They flow from the core of her being." -Tao-te-Ching
I was one of 10 women who followed this advice in an acrylic ink workshop-just for fun.

"Blues Family"...15 X 22 inches...Sold...(Watercolour)

Many of my paintings are inspired by a request. The idea for this one came after doing a painting for my sister Maria on her birthday.

"We have faced each other for eaons. How is it possible we have never seen each other?"
-Frederick Franck
To really see what is right in front of us and then to communicate our connection to it is the challenge of every artist.

"At the Camp"...8 by 10 inches.(Watercolour)

I look for beauty in the familiar rocks at New Ross where we go to swim."

"Fisherman's Gift"...11 X 16 inches.(Watercolour)

Max loves fish. He often releases his catches...so when he turned 50 it seemed like a painting of a fish he could keep, might be just the ticket.

"Bras d'Or Lakes"...11 X 15 inches...Sold...(Watercolour)

Bill Rogers of Cape Breton is not only a superb artist but an amazing teacher as well. This painting was completed at one of his workshops.

It was done from a slide. The light from the projector helps to keep the painting transparent.

"Fall Bursts"...11 X 15 inches...Sold...(Watercolour)

Jeanne Carbonetti who wrote 'The Yoga of Drawing' and 'The Zen of Creative Painting' is a heroine of mine. This was painted after an hour of musing over her books."

"How can a man's life keep its course if he will not let it flow?" -Tao-te-Ching
My love of trees gave me enough confidence to paint this without planning.

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